In A Nutshell.

We are a video and multimedia production company based out of West Des Moines, Iowa that specializes in delivering HD content for multiple mediums.

Our small size allows our creative team to work directly with you. No phone tag between the receptionist, accounting manager and project leader. Instead, the man making the cuts on the editing floor will be discussing details while having lunch with you.

We thrive on exploring new projects and techniques, keeping up-to-date with the latest technology and tricks of hollywood. Your ideas turned our creations is what keeps us pushing the limits.

The Team.


Calvin Johannsen

Calvin saw an opportunity to tell stories with video, so founded VisualHouse. He thrives in the initial stages of project development, getting clear on initiatives and visions - whiteboards and google docs have become his two best friends. 


Alex Welsh
Production Craftsman

Alex began as an editor, but quickly grew into a shooter and project leader. Instead of always sitting in the edit bay, you may find him playing devil's advocate in meetings and at the whiteboard.

Molly Rose Daly
Project Manager

Molly Rose is a didactic go-getter. She has a knack for keeping the team focused, organized and sane. Molly Rose makes things happen in a blink of an eye adding efficiency, results and success for the team.