Three Reasons For Video Marketing

When you put video on a business's website or in other content, the results are pretty amazing. On-site video has been shown to grow website traffic by 200-300%, boost lead conversion rates by 80%, and increase email open rates by 19%.

Why is video so powerful? Because it helps make online business more human. It makes a business memorable, and even better, approachable. Video marketing is the process of using video to drive traffic, increase lead conversions, and nurture prospects—all while measuring video performance.

A Great Way To Waste Money...

Invest all your marketing funds into producing one (over-the-top) video, and carelessly throw it on the internet with the hopes that it'll magically solve your marketing problems. Sadly, it won't. Because video is only once piece of the strategy you need. Another great way to waste money is on traditional - non-trackable - marketing, such as expensive billboards, or print advertising.  

A Consistent Approach To Success Using The "ABC Method"

A consistent and measurable way to market, built on a (simple) three-tier strategy. How many people came to your website today? How many new sign-ups did you get? How many sales did you make?  

  1. Attract (Leads)

  2. Build (A List)

  3. Convert (List Into Sales)

Our Ultimate Goal For You

Create trust be informing and educating your audience (and leads) in your industry and their needs. By doing this, you will become an Influencer to them, and you’ll be the person they turn to in a time of need, and instantly refer (share) you.

Can You Show Me How, And I’ll Do It Myself?

We could, but we won’t. Why? Because it’s not the best use of your time. Our goal, is to keep you in your genius, using your highest level of expertise in your business. Think of “this” as running magically behind the scenes to deliver you results, so you can focus on helping your clients/customers. Allowing us to do what we do best, and you doing what you do best, creates an optimal partnership.