Sheet Metal Local 45 Apprenticeship - Case Study


PROBLEM #1: Marketing To The General Public

Sheet Metal Local 45 (SMW45) did not have an effective website, or marketing plan to let prospects know their Apprenticeship Program exists. Before help from VisualHouse, SMW45 would speak to students, and hand out a pencil with a phone number. Simply put, this style of marketing was beyond non-effective. SMW45's marketing was basically non-existent.

PROBLEM #2: Communication With Membership

SMW45 currently sends out printed mailers to their membership eight times a year to inform them of events. This method costs the union $1,372/yr in postage ($0.49/stamp X 350 Members = $171.50 Per Mailer [8x Mailers Sent A Year]). Our solution was to digitize communication with an email newsletter. This is instantenous and almost free.

THE COST OF PROBLEM: $10,000+/year 

Apprenticeship Problem Cost...
By not having a system in place to attract and convert quality applicants into the Apprenticeship Program, it’s estimated that $7,500-$10,000 is wasted by SMW45 annually. Each year enrollment is roughly 15 people, with a dropout rate of 20% in year one (3 Dropouts X $2,500 = $7,500).

The estimated investment for an Apprentice in the four year program is $10,000 (roughly $2,500/annually per enrollee).

Adding The Costs of Problems: 

  • Loss of Investment in Apprentices: $10,000/year

  • Postage costs to communicate with Membership: $1,372/year


      • Per Year: $11,372

      • Every Three Years: $34,116

      • Every Five Years: $56,860


The solution has a few parts that operate in unison to attract and capture leads. A series of videos were created to showcase and explain the apprenticeship. A clean, and mobile friendly website was setup with a direct and clear call-to-action to capture leads. The leads auto populate a CRM spreadsheet database. 

Sheet Metal Local 45 now has an organized system to use for marketing. Now that the base system is built, we will be turning our focus to paid advertising, to bring more eyes onto the website, and capture better leads. 


  1. Mobile Friendly Website |

  2. Landing Page Video (5 mins)

  3. Testimonial Videos (2x) |

  4. Lead Capture System & Configure Database



To replace the #2 pencil Mike was using at school's, we designed handouts that matched the brand and messaging of the website. Now students are taking Mike more serious, and remembering to look up the program.

Branding Stationery Mockup Vol.9.jpg



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